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Monday, April 11th 2011, 10:42am

Author: yhaab1020

Erreur 13006

Bonjour, lorsque j'essaye d'installé un paquet, j'obtiens ce message d'erreur: Fatal error: required package 'com.woltlab.wcf' not found. You will get more information about the problem in our knowledge base: Information: error message: required package 'com.woltlab.wcf' not found. php version: 5.2.6-1+lenny9 wcf version: 1.0.3 pl 2 file: /public_html/wcf/lib/acp/package/PackageInstallation.class.php (1013) error code: 13006 date: 04/11/2011 09:41am reques...